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Perfectly Poochy supports Lucky Paws Shelter

Many of us drive down Thomas and 60th and don’t realize that there is an incredible no-kill, no-cage shelter along the canal.  Lucky Paws Shelter is a wonderful facility that is run by Kelly Perry.  100% of the shelter is funded by in-kind donations.  We at Perfectly Poochy support Lucky Paws Shelter in many ways.  […]

Perfectly Poochy offers concierge service!

Did you forget to record the game?  or don’t have time to let in the handyman?  Don’t worry!  Perfectly Poochy has you covered.  Many times we go beyond pet care since we have access to the clients home.  Things happen and most people are just too busy to keep running back and forth to the […]

Perfectly Poochy specializes in special need pets!

 Perfectly Poochy has helped Jackson since his rattlesnake bite last March in Lake Havasu.  Daily 150cc of IV drip was given to Jackson to help him hydrate with his medicine protocol.  He was such a trooper during the 30 minutes it takes for his body to absorb it.  He is doing better but now has […]

What a face!

  Perfectly Poochy loves all types of dogs.  Hank is extra special and will receive two visits today to help him out.  What do you think?

Happy Monday!

Perfectly Poochy schedule is getting quite full for the week.  Have you booked your visits yet?

Treats made in China

Perfectly Poochy would like to educate its clients that treats/snacks Made in China are a major risk to your beloved pet.  China’s regulation on pet food is next to none as compared to USA brands.  If you look on the label, you will see many that are distributed in the US but Made in China.  […]

Didn’t have time to walk your dog?

 Perfectly Poochy received a text around 7 a.m. today to assist a Mom who didn’t have time to walk her baby.  Wylie had a 30 minute lunch time walk and she feels a lot better!  Glad to help anytime!!

We are experts in giving medicine via shots and pills!

Perfectly Poochy is proud to be certified in CPR for Pets thru the American Red Cross.  We also have years of experience administering pills and shots for all types of pets.  We even have experience handling and caring for handicap dogs.   They are so special and require that attentive caregiver.  Please call us to discuss your […]

What do you do when you get sick and have pets?

Perfectly Poochy has quite a fur-kids parents that are sick the past week.  Many are staying home from work but don’t have the energy to walk or care for their pet.  That is where Perfectly Poochy comes in.  I will be walking a few dogs today even with their parents home.  We are happy to help with a […]