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We love rescued dogs too!

Meet Zoe, a rescue who was so skittish she wouldn’t let me get near her until recently.  Now look!  She submits, wants her belly rubbed and loves to cuddle.  Perfectly Poochy is the best pet sitter in Scottsdale and we can prove it to you!  Give us a call today!

Owner source of clues to dog agression

There was  a study released in the Arizona Republic that the owner has a lot to do with dogs being aggressive.  More telling clues to aggression might be the age of the owner, the training of the dog has received and the gender of the dog, researchers found. Your Scottsdale pet sitter and dog walker […]

Canines feel no shame?

Did you see the article in the AZ Republic “Despite puppy-dog eyes, canines feel no shame”.  When your Akita rips apart a feather pillow or chews your favorite sandals, and you begin to lecture her on her bad behavior.  They give you those automatic puppy dog eyes but truth be told that they don’t have […]

Perfectly Poochy offers taxi service!

Did you know that we offer for $25 (if in 6 mile radius) a pet taxi?  It is becoming a common request to pick up your poochy from the groomer, vet or at Grandma’s.  Many of our clients are crazy busy and just need that extra help to make their day go by without a […]

Happy Monday!

Perfectly Poochy is already off to a busy week.  Have you booked your fur-kid for their dog walking yet?  Once we have a key and paperwork on file, we can help you anytime.  Even if it is a last second request.  We got your tail covered!!

Scottsdale Dog walker educates on what not to serve your dog!

Did you know that Macadamia nuts, grapes, onions, chocolate, alcohol, sugar, raw meat and seafood are listed as killers to dogs?  This is well documented for all dog owners to stay away from giving your beloved canine these items.  Even a little amount can send your dog into an emergency situation.  Stay mindful, even while you […]

Scottsdale pet sitter also helps your pets transition to new home!

Perfectly Poochy is becoming a favorite Scottsdale pet sitter for many.  Did you know that now we also offer help with your pets as you transition from one home to the new one?  We just added another reason to love us!  Dog walking and kitty care is our most popular requests but now it seems help […]

What is our #1 request?

If you answered a 30 minute walk, you are right!  Perfectly Poochy is averaging 10 30 minute walks daily.  Wow!!  Many of our great clients in Scottsdale know that a happy dog is a tired dog and we couldn’t agree more at Perfectly Poochy.  Call or schedule online your next dog walk.